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How To Embrace Your Inner Foodie On Instagram and Promote your Coffee Shop

I love Instagram. I also own a coffee shop. Therefore, it seemed only natural to combine those three loves together; my Instagram feed is filled with images of the food and coffee that I’ve made over the years. If you want to do something similar, read on for advice that can help you about get a lot more Instagram likes than others.

get a lot more Instagram likes than others

 Keep it simple


There’s no need to complicate your picture; the food will speak for itself. People on Instagram often stop and look at a picture that is bright and not too busy. Generally, just a couple of elements, like a plate and a fork, will be all that you need.


Remember, your food is enough. Don’t try and get too fancy. Find a nice spot to set down your food, and take a few pictures, adjusting your style a little as you go. You will stumble on what looks the best over time. Here are some good tips.

 Use good lighting


If you want your pictures to stand out, your lighting needs to be good. That often means taking advantage of natural light. If you opt not to use natural light, you’ll often be left with a colored tint to your food that simply doesn’t look natural. Therefore, once your dish is ready, take it near a window and snap your shot.


If you can’t use natural light, pull out a flashlight. Filter it through a glass that has water in it. Doing so helps the resulting picture to look its best. However, I stand firm on the fact that I don’t think it is a good idea to photograph food when it is dark. These photos often get a lot more Instagram likes than others.

 Think about composition


When you take a photograph, you do not necessarily want your subject to be right in the middle of the picture. This type of set up lacks visual interest. Instead, experiment by putting a little negative space on one side or the other. When you do this, you make the picture better and you get a lot more Instagram likes than others.


With Instagram specifically, you want to take your picture either straight on, at a 3/4 angle or from a bird’s eye view. That doesn’t mean that you can’t try something else, but especially for those just starting out, these angles are very useful. Also, mix things up a little with each picture so that they don’t all look the same.

 Make sure your camera is ready


If you are using your phone, clean the lens before you take a picture. It is very easy for the lens to get dirty because you are carrying the phone around with you throughout the day.


Get the food in focus. Take the device off the “square” setting as well; doing so will allow you to edit your photograph more easily if you need to. Finally, use “earlybird” with caution. It may help you will your pictures, but in general, you won’t find a need for it.


Instagram has an editing tool, but you won’t need to do much to your picture. Sometimes, tweaking the saturation and the contrast is a good idea. If you need to do more than light editing, think about downloading VSCOcam. SnapSeed and Afterlight are good choices as well.


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